Need some help with PayFlexi?

One of the great advantage of PayFlexi is you do not need to own a website to get paid. A payment link is a simple way to collect flexible payments by sharing a personalized link to your customers for them to pay you.

With the steps below, you can create a payment link, share with your customers, who can then pay with any of the options available (buy now pay later, pay small small, partial payment, group deals, cash back  etc.)

1. In your PayFlexi dashboard, go to the Payment Pages page and select Add New Page

2. Fill in details of the page. Click “Create Payment Page” to create the link to your payment page.

3. The payment link will be shown on the detail page. You can share the link with your customers for them to access your payment page and make payment using any of the options available to them.

You can also add other details to the payment page such as product image.

4. This is what a payment page looks like.