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Group deals (promotional discounts) are short-time offers of items that are deeply discounted and of limited availability. Offering a group deal will enable you to sell more items within a short period of time which translates to more revenue.

These steps below is how to get started with creating a group deal page.

1. First begin by creating a payment page. Here is how to create one.

2. On the detail payment page, select “Enable Group Deals” checkbox and enter deals detail. The number of slots is the number of purchases to activate a deal at that amount.

Note: Once a deal is approved, other payment options are disabled for the period a deal will run which is usually 72 hours.

3. Once a deal is approved, a notification will be sent to you and you will see all active group deals on your dashboard by clicking on the “Group Deals” on the sidebar.

4. Your can share your payment page link with your customers to participate in a group deal. This is how your payment page looks like once a group is active.


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